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GreenDoor Spa & Wellness

We complement your health and beauty while being sensitive to nature and the environment. Being aware that what is harmful to mother nature is also harmful to human health; We use organic certified products. Our spa pools are sanitized using the chemical free 100% ecological “Green Pool” system We apply the "Green Hygiene" system for disinfecting surfaces and sterilizating the air in all our spa areas. Our spa embodies all the qualities of an eco-friendly spa concept; it is %100 ecological, toxin free and no chlorine or any chemicals harmful to human health or the environment are used.

Regnumhotel Greendoor Pool

To sustain a better life and to protect nature, The GreenDoor Spa & Wellness in Regnum Carya has implemented a brand new system to create an environmentally friendly pool.

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The Green Door Spa & Wellness provides a luxurious spa experience with massages, therapies and special skincare treatments. The spa centre featuring common areas and VIP sections offers a privileged service in an exclusive setting.

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To experience ultimate luxury, we invite you to the King Suite inside the Green Door Spa. This concept suite, which we have specially prepared for our honeymoon couples and  guests who wish to receive VIP service, offers everything for an exclusive spa treatment

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An important part of health and cleanliness in the Turkish culture, hammans have never lost their popularity. Experience our Turkish Bath, a very popular amenity among our guests, in the peaceful ambience of Green Door Spa.

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While saunas have been traditionally used for relaxing muscles by sweating, they are also ideal for getting rid of toxins and feeling refreshed. Green Door Spa offers two types of saunas, namely “Bio Sauna” and “Fin Sauna”.

Regnum Carya Buhar Odası Kart

Relax your muscles in the hot steam rooms of Green Door Spa and feel the wonderful effects of this refreshing environment on your skin.

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Green Door Spa's  gateway to another paradise, Bali Houses have been designed to reflect Bali and the Far Eastern culture to give you a luxurious Spa experience.

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Enjoy drinks that help boost your immune system in Green Door Spa’s Zing Bar.

Dinlenme Alani Card

A dimly lit and serene ambiance to unwind after a spa treatment: Relax Area.

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Jungle Gym, a place for working out  in the midst of nature. An extraordinary gym experience where you will exercise outdoors in the fresh air surrounded by lush greenery.

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Regnum Carya will not only fascinate you with its different venues and services, but also with its lifestyle intertwined with nature.

Walking Path Kart

Imagine a luscious green world…. Then sprinkle a rainbow of colours into the world of greens…. Now add the soothing sound of birds singing….