Corporate Sustainability is not just a business strategy for us; it is also a lifestyle. Located amidst natural beauty in Antalya, we take on the responsibility of building a sustainable future. We show respect to our environment, contribute to society, and commit to creating a better world for future generations through green innovation. We take pride in welcoming you, our valued guests, as we fulfill this commitment.

    • We Bear Responsibility for Nature, Society, and the Future.

      At Regnum Hotels, we have established our sustainable tourism strategies to create a positive and sustainable impact in the areas where we operate. We commit to significantly increase our social impacts and reduce our environmental effects by the year 2030, taking tangible steps towards this goal.

      The sustainability vision of our hotel aims not only to protect our environment and community but also to share values and responsibilities related to sustainability while providing our guests with an unforgettable experience.


      Sustainability means meeting today's needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. At Regnum Hotels, we embrace this understanding and aim to protect nature and the environment, support the local community, and provide our guests with an ethical and responsible lodging experience.

    • Respect for and Protection of the Environment

      We are situated in a location surrounded by natural beauty. Therefore, showing respect to nature is one of our top priorities. We focus on preserving our environment by optimizing water and energy consumption, maximizing waste management, and selecting eco-friendly practices and materials. Additionally, we safeguard natural habitats within our hotel premises and support the local ecosystem.

      Social Responsibility

      We are aware of our responsibility to our community. Therefore, we contribute to society through social responsibility projects and local partnerships. By supporting education, health, and environmental initiatives, we strive to make the community a better place. Additionally, we make efforts to support the local economy and create employment opportunities.

      Green Innovation and Technology

      To support our sustainability vision, we invest in green innovation and eco-friendly technologies. We consistently work on reducing our carbon footprint, increasing energy efficiency, and developing waste reduction strategies. Additionally, we aim to spread awareness by providing sustainability training to our employees and business partners.

      We have taken significant steps in energy efficiency at our hotel. With a trigeneration system, we generate 55% of our annual electricity. Additionally, we invest in renewable energy sources and increase the use of solar energy in our hotel.

      Green Construction

      At Regnum Carya, being "eco-friendly" is not just a slogan; it's a goal. Our innovative eco-friendly programs and initiatives are designed to protect our environment and minimize our impact on the indispensable natural resources of Belek-Antalya, Turkey. As the first LEED Gold Certified golf hotel in Europe, our daily operational culture is influenced by responsible and sustainable philosophies. Moreover, Regnum Carya is designed with a progressive outlook towards eco-friendly buildings and is recognized by the US Green Building Council with the TURCEKO certification.

      Sustainable Setting

      In addition to LEED certified programs, Regnum Carya is actively implementing numerous high-priority sustainability projects. These include:

      • Waste management
      • Energy management
      • Water management
      • Air quality preservation management
      • Noise control management
      • Control and management of vegetable oil waste
      • Chemical management
      • Garden management
      • Natural wildlife balance

      Biodiversity Conservation

      Biodiversity conservation focuses on the protection of natural habitat and local ecosystem. Our hotel utilizes following strategies to support such aim:

      • Protected Areas: We safeguard the natural areas surrounding our hotel and take care not to cause harm to these areas.
      • Plant Protection: We preserve local plant species and take measures to prevent the spread of harmful species.
      • Habitat Restoration: We enhance local ecosystems through projects such as erosion control and habitat restoration.
      • Education and Awareness: We provide education on environmental and biodiversity matters to both our employees and guests.

      Biodiversity conservation helps us preserve the richness of our environment and its natural beauty. Simultaneously, it provides our guests with unique natural experiences and supports the economic well-being of the local community.

      These strategies, each integral to our hotel's sustainability policy, are indicative of our commitment to preserving natural resources and building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

      Our Commitment to Guests

      We are committed to providing our guests with a sustainable holiday experience. By offering green accommodation options and encouraging travel with sustainability in mind, we contribute to our guests' awareness of environmental responsibility. We bring together guest satisfaction and a sustainable future.

    • LEED

      LEED certification is an environmentally friendly building certification system that signifies leadership in energy and environmental design. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), it is a globally recognized certification. It covers various disciplines throughout the process from the design to the completion of buildings.

      LEED-certified environmentally friendly buildings not only provide energy and water savings but also place significant importance on human health and comfort. In the design of our buildings at Regnum Carya Hotel, factors directly affecting human health, such as indoor air quality, natural lighting, temperature and humidity control, and waste management, have been planned. Additionally, the use of recycled materials and methods during construction has created a cleaner environment.

      Our buildings are designed to reduce energy, material, water consumption, and waste, thereby lowering CO2 emissions. Environmentally friendly buildings do not harm the environment or human health in their design, construction, and operation. Regnum Carya has implemented many eco-friendly strategies to achieve these goals. These include:

      • Sustainable Sites-SY
      • Water Efficiency-SV
      • Energy and Atmosphere-EA
      • Materials and Resources-MK
      • Indoor Environmental Quality-IOK
      • Innovation in Design-T

      Please click to view Regnum Carya LEED Gold.


      Regnum Carya has been awarded with the Sustainable Tourism Certificate by meeting all the criteria set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which is a leading body in the development of sustainability standards in the tourism sector. This certification, with criteria established by the GSTC, is conducted under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), and it serves as an international benchmark for sustainability in the tourism industry.

      Please click to view Sustainable Tourism Certificate.


      SafeHotels, a global hotel safety and certification company based in Sweden, conducts audits in 60 countries worldwide. It is an international certification program that independently verifies and certifies the compliance of the world's leading hotels with safety, health, and hygiene standards through its independent expert auditors.

      The Executive Certificate, which is the highest level of safety quality, covers full competence criteria in areas such as personal safety, building security, fire safety, data security, and health. Regnum Carya, having earned the Executive certificate in 2019 and being the first resort hotel to do so, continues to maintain its title as Turkey's safest resort hotel each year. 

      Please click to view Safe Hotels Executive.


      In the context of sustainable tourism, Regnum Carya earned the Green Star (Environmentally Friendly Organization) award from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2015. This award is granted to promote and incentivize the protection of the environment, the development of environmental awareness, and the encouragement of positive contributions to the environment by tourism facilities.

      Please click to view Green Star Award.


      Regnum Carya holds the international "Blue Flag" beach award presented by the Turkish Foundation for Environmental Education (TURÇEV).

      Please click to view Blue Flag 2023.


      • Please click to view ISO 9001 Quality Management System
      • Please click to view ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
      • Please click to view ISO 50001 Energy Management System
      • Please click to view ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
      • Please click to view ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System
      • Please click to view ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System


    • As Regnum Hotels, we implement a series of announcements and communication strategies to provide information to our guests about sustainability issues and encourage them to participate in sustainability efforts.

      • In-Room Information: Information about sustainability can be found in the Room Directory in each room.
      • Social Media Accounts and Website: You can follow our sustainability efforts on our social media accounts and website.

      Ongoing Projects

      • ReGreen Social Responsibility and Environmental Movement

      "ReGreen," established by volunteers from Regnum Hotels, has been working diligently since 2018 with the slogan "Move-on Regnum / Take action for the future today!" The group has carried out numerous environmental and social responsibility projects, striving selflessly for a better world, and continues to advance its projects each year.

      ReGreen has conducted several social responsibility projects that raise awareness with an increasing number of volunteers. They are actively working on new projects, and you can follow their activities on Instagram via the account @REGREENREGNUM.

      • Environmental Impact Assessment Project (Carbon and Water Footprint Measurement)

      Regnum Hotels recognizes the growing awareness of global warming and the increasing momentum in current environmental initiatives, leading to the need for organizations to calculate and report their greenhouse gas emissions. To establish carbon emission limits and mandatory reduction targets, we are conducting a Carbon and Water Footprint verification project by measuring and verifying our Carbon and Water Footprint.

      Collaborating with the Department of Environmental Engineering at Akdeniz University and Noventech Environmental Technologies R&D and Consultancy, we are working on calculating environmental performance indicators.

      For Regnum Carya, we calculate, report, and verify Greenhouse Gas (Carbon Footprint) emissions according to TS EN ISO 14064. We aim to reduce carbon emissions by generating projects focused on internal greenhouse gas reduction activities.

      We also calculate, report, and verify Green, Blue, and Grey Water Footprints according to TS EN ISO 14064. We develop projects for internal water footprint reduction activities, stay updated on new technologies, and measure our performance in this regard.

      • Excessive Food Project

      We have been involved in the Food Waste Mapping with the “Future of Waste Management Project” in collaboration with the foundation “Fazla”. The project efforts involve:

      1. Phase & Meal & Category Based Food Waste Measurement
      2. Interviews with Employees
      3. Surveys with Customers
      4. Observations on Protection & Service & Waste Collection & Assessment Processes

      We conduct the current situation analysis using smart weighing systems and prepare technological solution proposals for the assessment of remaining and unutilized food products based on the food hierarchy, addressing various reasons for their surplus.

      • Respect for History – Aspendos

      We provide in-kind and material support to faculty members and students involved in the excavation works at Aspendos.

      • Caretta Caretta Project

      We provide annual in-kind support to the project aimed at the conservation of endangered loggerhead sea turtles.


      Our hotel is committed to various sustainability efforts, including energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, and biodiversity protection. Additionally, we focus on contributing to local communities and wildlife, as well as making investments in green innovation and technology.

      • We generate approximately 55% of the electricity used in the facility through our trigeneration system.

      • To reduce our impact on the environment, we continuously invest in new technologies. In 2022, we replaced nearly 90% of the fuel-based devices and vehicles within the facility with electric ones.

      • We use a 100% fully automated system for garden irrigation.

      • We reduce fertilizer usage by employing lawn robots.

      • We prefer environmentally friendly suppliers and products with low environmental impact in our procurement processes.


      To enhance energy efficiency in our hotel, we implement measures such as using LED lighting, optimizing heating and cooling systems, employing energy-efficient devices, and utilizing solar energy.


      All our businesses are engaged in efforts towards waste reduction, efficient use of resources, chemical recovery, and energy efficiency, aligning with the European Green Deal (EGD). Within this framework, our facility holds the "Zero Waste Certificate."

      Our waste management program includes recycling and waste reduction measures. We are meticulous about sorting and directing waste for recycling.

      Close to 100% of the hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated at our facility, including plastics, glass, paper-cardboard, metal, batteries, oil, etc., is recycled by licensed facilities.


      To conserve water, our hotel employs strategies such as low-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting systems, and efficient garden irrigation methods.

      For a sustainable environment, the discharged water from our facility complies with both the discharge limits set by the Water Pollution Control Regulation and the quality standards of international regulations and standards. The quality of the discharged effluent is monitored through analyses conducted by ASAT (Antalya Water and Wastewater Administration) on samples taken. In this context, our business holds a Connection Quality Control Permit.


      Our guests can contribute to sustainability efforts through simple steps such as supporting eco-friendly practices, limiting towel and sheet changes, conserving water and energy, and participating in waste separation.


      We implement a “pine cone” system that allows guests to have their room textiles changed every other day, aiming to reduce water and chemical consumption.


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