The Golf Season Is In Full Swing At Regnum Carya

Regnum Carya Is Enjoying A Bustling Golf Season

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    Regnum Carya is hosting numerous important national and international golf tournaments in the 2023-2024 golf season. With the addition of new tournaments organized this season, golf enthusiasts from around the world are gathering at Regnum Carya’s golf courses.

    With its mild and sunny climate, Antalya stands out as one of the most ideal destinations worldwide for playing golf especially during the fall and winter months. In this regard, Regnum Carya continues to be the favourite destination for golf enthusiasts every season, thanks to its location, quality of its facilities, favourable climate, and well-equipped course amenities.

    Well-equipped golf courses lead to successful games.

    In the sport of golf, the quality and amenities of the golf course are crucial for a good game. Carya Golf Club, one of Regnum Carya's two prominent golf courses and Europe's first and only fully lit golf course, provides guests with the unique opportunity to play golf at night. Additionally, with the Carya Golf Academy located within the club, golfers have access to applications to enhance their game performance and one-on-one workshops with experts.

    The TaylorMade Performance Golf Laboratory in the academy also gives you the opportunity to find the  most suitable golf equipment for you using the Motion Analysis Technology. Regnum Carya's other golf course, National Golf Club, stands out not only for its nature and highly enjoyable game but also for being the first golf club in Belek.

    We welcome a brand-new season this year

    The tournaments held at Regnum Carya's two golf courses began in November. The new season kicked off with the "Iconic Series Finale" tournament, followed by the "Regnum Open" and "Regnum Russian Club Championship & Winter Challenge." The “Regnum Carya Pro-Am Series," which is eagerly anticipated  by golf enthusiasts and ranks among the most highly attended golf tournaments in Europe, will take place in four tournaments this year. The 12th edition of the “Regnum Carya Pro-Am Series took place in November while the 13th, 14th, and 15th editions of the series will be held at specified intervals this season until March.

    Tournaments continue uninterrupted throughout the entire season

    One of Regnum Carya's traditional tournaments, the "Fikret Öztürk Club Championship & Winter Challenge," which is eagerly anticipated every season, will take place between December 21 to 24. The "Fikret Öztürk Club Championship Qualifying" will be held from December 18 to 20. Throughout this tournament, Regnum Carya will host golf enthusiasts who are prominent figures in business, society, and politics. The "Balkan Senior Open Race to Regnum” will also be among the tournaments taking place in December.

    A special tournament that will be held at Regnum Carya this season is the "US Kids Antalya Turkish Open 2024." Regnum Carya will be hosting this wonderful event organized by the U.S.-based initiative that brings together children from all around the world who wish to play golf.

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