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The Best Tasting Meat at Şevk-Et Steakhouse A La Carte

Get ready for an unforgettable feast of flavours at Regnum Carya. Make sure to book your place at Şevk-Et Steakhouse to experience these sumptuous flavours skilfully prepared by master chefs.

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    With our team of expert meat chefs, Şevk-et Steak house has been diligently serving many local and foreign guests since it opened. Our A la Carte restaurant that far exceeds expectations of meat lovers is located at Carya Golf Club with an indoor lounge and an outdoor terrace area. Reservations are required for the restaurant which is open during the evening hours.

    Enjoy Flavours From World Cuisines With A Difference At Şevk-Et

    Şev-Et Steakhouse menu serves guests different flavours from the Turkish cuisine as well as popular steak recipes from world cuisines. Our menu, which offers a large selection of classic Steakhouse tastes, includes the most favourite dishes from cuisines around the world. Moreover, you have the opportunity to enjoy these tastes prepared by the talented master chefs of Şevk-Et Steakhouse. Savour the delicious flavours from world cuisines such as T-bone Steak, Tomahawk, New York Spirit, Porterhouse, Dry Ribeye and Flet Mignon in an unforgettable evening at Şevk-Et.

    It Is Our Duty To Promote The Turkish Cuisine In The Best Possible Way

    At Şevk-Et, we include the distinctive flavours of the Turkish cuisine in our menu. We offer our esteemed guests the opportunity to enjoy surprise flavours, particularly with our own creative variations to meat. Some of the flavours that we add our own interpretation to include; Şevk- Et gourmet burger, steak, gourmet sausages, Ottoman sausage, Frankfurter beef sausage, Frankfurter chicken sausage, cheese sausage, smoked duck breast, beef bresaola, beef spec and pepper salami.

    We Are Meticulous At Selecting Our Meat At Şevk-Et

    In order to bring out the ultimate flavours in meat, there are important aspects  that need to be considered from start to finish. At Şevk-Et Steakhouse, we diligently spend time on these aspects and carefully select our meat from specially grown breeds. In order to offer unforgettable tastes to our guests, we make quality steak meat by keeping our meat in our special dry-aged cabinets at regular intervals. We produce our  own smoked meats, sausages and fermented sausages. We enhance the flavours of  our meat by cooking them in Empero ovens using special cooking techniques.

    Şevke-Et’s  Menu Offers An Endless Variety of Choices

    Other options in our menu consist of carefully selected flavours. Our grilled calamari, crispy shrimp pancakes and beef carpaccio are just some of our appetizing starters. Different salads, side dishes to accompany steak, special sauces and toppings, pasta varieties from the Italian cuisine, steam baked sea bass and  grilled salmon are among the other options on our menu. At the end of this feast of flavours, we pamper our guests with our different variations on desserts.