Şevk-Et Steakhouse, which opened in Regnum Carya this year, more than meets the expectations of meat lovers.

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    Welcoming guests from all around the world, Şevk-Et offers specialties from the Turkish cuisine as well as exquisite recipes from world cuisines with its menu. We listened to chef Şevket talk about Şevk- Et’s unique cuisine and the surprising tastes prepared for its guests.

    As you know, in recent years the steakhouse concept has been a rising trend in the gastronomy world. While we were establishing Şevk-Et, we were thinking about how we could interpret the steakhouse concept differently and create different tastes. Of course, as in all steakhouses throughout the world, we have included a wide range of classic steakhouse flavours in Şevk- Et’s menu. We needed to include world classic dishes such as T-bone Steak, Tomahawk, New York Sprit, Porterhouse, Dry Ribeye and Filet Mignon in our menu therefore we added these flavours by keeping their original recipes. Furthermore, we always want to do our best to introduce our guests to the Turkish cuisine. With this enthusiasm, we have included a wide range of flavours from the Turkish cuisine alongside our own original meat flavours. To cite some of our re-interpretations of such flavours; Şevk-Et special gourmet burgers, steak, gourmet sausages, Ottoman fermented sausage, Frankfurter veal sausage, Frankfurter chicken sausage, corner sausage with cheese, smoked duck breast, beef bresaola, veal spec and salami with pepper, are examples of our own original flavours.

    When creating our team for our restaurant, we chose the best connoisseurs and chefs. There is a synergy in our six-person kitchen team that meticulously follows the whole process from the selection to the cooking of the meat. Our desire to provide good service to our guests is growing alongside our aim of becoming the best steakhouse restaurant in our region and even our country.

    Meat means serious business for us

    Meat is a serious subject for us both in terms of health and in achieving the ideal flavour. That’s why we are being very meticulous in enhancing the flavour of the meat and obtaining a taste that will be unforgettable for our guests. We choose our meats from special breeds and keep them in our special dry cabinets for a period of 28-60 days to get better quality steak meat. We produce all of our own smoked meat which we offer to our guests in European standards. As Şevk-Et, we produce our own sausages and fermented sausages. We cook all our steaks using a special cooking technique in our barbecue that produces high heat and has a special lift. We  hen serve the meat after cooking it in Empero ovens using special techniques.

    Our accompanying dishes are also well-liked

    Besides our meat dishes, we are also meticulous with our other options on the menu. Our daily
    fresh squid grilled in a special josper charcoal oven, shrimp flavoured with special sauces served on lava stone which continues to cook while at the table, sea bass steamed with seasonal vegetables in our firewood oven, salmon served with citrus and balsamic sauce and our pasta varieties from the Italian cuisine are among our most popular accompanying dishes.

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