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Regnum Carya | Casual Dining | Alia | Beach House | 2


While relaxing on the beach, enjoy a delicious lunch of exquisite flavours from the Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. The Beach House a la carte menu is a must try casual dining experience for a pleasant afternoon by the sea.

  • Regnum Carya | Casual Dining | Alia | Beach House | 4

    You won’t be able resist the delicious smell of the warm pitas and lahmacun baked in the Beach House oven. You will get the chance to taste the most popular Turkish dishes including Iskender kebab, doner kebab and Turkish ravioli “mantı”. From light salads, sandwiches and pastas, to hearty main courses such as grilled salmon, "fish and chips", pizza and desserts, all dishes are served with a special touch at the Beach House. We invite all guests to try this relaxing and enjoyable dining experience in the serene ambiance of the seaside.