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Nazar Bakery is another bakery in Regnum Carya that serves guests all day long. At Nazar Bakery, you can enjoy bakery and patisserie items featured on the menu at any time during the day from Turkish pastries and desserts to breakfast items.

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    The rich variety of sweets and pastries in the Turkish cuisine require special skills and expertise. Nazar Bakery serves a variety of these desserts prepared by  gourmet chefs and baked in its own bakery. You can also enjoy Turkish coffee, tea and sahlep in Nazar.

    In this authentic  bakery a wide selection of Turkish deserts are served including flaky and puff pastries, buns, cookies, a variety of halva and Turkish delight, traditional desserts made  with milk and syrup, candies, local dried fruits as well as light  sandwiches and bagels.

    Indulge in the visual feast of different flavours of Turkish delights and embark on a sweet journey at Nazar Bakery. Energize with the delightful aroma of Turkish coffee. Enjoy a delicious experience with rose, pistachio, chocolate chip, blueberry, hazelnut and orange Turkish delight flavours.