The Ancient City of Pednelissos

The Ancient City of Pednelissos is located in the village of Kozan in the Serik district of Antalya and is known as an important ancient city with beautiful ruins from the Hellenistic Period.

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    The city is built on the southern and western slopes of the Bodrumkaya Hill. While access to the site might be a bit challenging, it is a captivating place for enthusiasts of ancient history. In addition, The Ancient City of Pednelissos is one of the cities along the route of the "St. Paul Trail" and holds significant as the place where St. Paul conducted his missionary activities. The city also stands out with the battles that took place between Pednelissians and the people of Sergelia throughout history.

    The Ancient City of Pednelissos has structures from various periods. Established during the Hellenistic period, the city was rebuilt and continued to be inhabited during the Roman period. The city walls and towers are beautiful examples of Hellenistic architecture. In addition, remains from the Roman and Byzantine periods can also be seen in the city. The Ancient City of Pednelissos is situated within the borders of the Psidia region where a basilica dating from the Byzantine period is found.

    The agora in the city contains a water cistern located above the ground which is still functioning today. The historical structures of the city, including the city walls, towers, and water cisterns, are still standing today and reflect the architectural characteristics of the Hellenistic period.

    By visiting the Ancient City of Pednelissos, you can discover examples of Hellenistic period architecture. You can explore these hidden historical gems and at the same time experience history and nature together by taking a nature walk amidst the natural beauties.

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