Olympos Ancient City

Located in the Kumluca district of Antalya, Olympos stands out as an impressive settlement where history, culture, and nature converge.

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    Olympos is one of the significant ancient cities situated along the route of the “Lycian Way”. The  ancient ruins and natural beauty of this place captures the attention of many tourists. Olympos has an important place in Mediterranean tourism.

    One of the most renown features of Olympos is Olympos Beach. Known for its clear sea and colourful stones, the beach attracts the attention of holidaymakers and is flooded with visitors every summer. However, Olympos isn't just about its beach; it also stands out for its ancient city and historical remains. The ancient city is a mesmerizing site for those who wish to  see historical ruins. Olympos is located 85 km from Antalya city centre, 28 km from Kumluca, and 120 km from Kas. Thus, it's a place you might wish to consider while visiting Antalya.

    Olympos is also located close to Çıralı. Olympos Beach and the ancient city area is within a short walking distance  from Çıralı Beach. The Chimera (Yanartaş) legend is also closely associated with Olympos. Yanartaş (Chimera) is located near Olympos and is linked to a myth from Greek mythology, adding to the allure of the region.

    The son of King Glaukus of  Ephyra, Hipponoes,  whose real name is Bellerophontes , accidentally kills his brother while hunting with him in the forest and is subsequently sent into exile. In Argos, the city where he is exiled to, the King’s  wife falls in love with Bellerophontes. However, when Bellerophontes doesn't reciprocate, the queen makes false accusations against him and the King becomes infuriated. As a punishment,  the King of Argos sends Bellerophontes to the King of Lycia.

    The King of Lycia sends Bellerophontes to Mount Olympus to slay the Chimera, a creature with the head of a lion, body of a goat, and tail of a snake that spews flames from its mouth. Riding his winged horse Pegasus, Bellerophontes defeats the Chimera and kills it, burying it seven layers deep in the ground. However, the flames continue to erupt from beneath the ground, and according to the legend, the flames that still burn today  are  Chimera's flames.

    The ancient ruins, natural beauty, and legends of Olympos offer visitors an unforgettable experience. Merging historical and natural richness, this site is undoubtedly a must-see destination during your trip to Antalya.

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