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‘GreenDoor SPA & Wellness Hygiene & Quality Systems” Ecological, hygienic and healthy SPA concept with a different mindset, a different feeling. Your health is our priority.

    To provide safe and healthy services to our SPA guests, we regularly follow technological developments and offer you the most effective methods with confidence. The technological systems that we use are certified and approved internationally and in our country.

    We are proud to offer GreenHygiene, a concept of high hygiene standards initiated in 2018 which we are further developing by adding new, safe technologies and applications.

    Disinfectant Technology: Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)
    ECA technology (Electro Chemical Activation) is a patented technology approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health, FDA, World Health Organization and UNESCO, for producing 100% biodegradable Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) through electrolysis of only salt and water in an electrochemical cell. With 99.60% Active Water, 0.38% Sodium Chloride - 0.02 Hypochlorous / 7.0pH neutral properties, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) has no harmful effects on humans, plants or animals.

    Hypochlorous acid is 99.9% effective on all pathogens such as mold, yeast, bacteria, virus, fungus, and spore bacteria. It is an FDA approved antiseptic and disinfectant and its active ingredient Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is effective against microorganisms in less than one minute (12 seconds). Hypochlorous acid has approval from the Turkish Ministry of Health, FDA, EPA, USDA, WHO (World Health Organization), UNESCO, German Institute of Hygiene , CDC, ECHA, and ESCMID. It has been certified hygienic by the Neutral Electrolyzed Water "21 CFR 178.1010". It complies with the European Parliament 98/8 / EC standards.

    Hypochlorous acid has been classified as a high level of disinfectant in the FDA report.

    Areas of usage and application methods;
    For surface and air disinfection in fitness, Turkish bath, sauna, steam room, massage rooms, relaxation, shower areas and all other spa areas.

    Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is used instead of chlorine in the indoor pool, children's pool, jacuzzi and in all other water applications.

    Our pool water is odourless and does not irritate the skin, hair, or eyes and it does not harm textiles. The GreenPool uses Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) for water disinfection.

    GreenPool creates water quality that is safe for use.

    We use ULV (fogging), automatic floor cleaning machines and spraying methods for disinfection applications.

    GreenAir Quality
    With this technology that imitates the natural cleaning process produced by sun rays and lightning, GREENDOOR creates a real forest atmosphere in an indoor environment and offers a spa center with the healthiest air quality in the world.

    The ActivePure technology used, which is patented and certified by NASA, was developed to create safer environmental conditions in OZONE-NEGATIVE ION + (ULTRA VIOLE) space shuttles. There are negative and positive ions present in the air in all environments. By increasing the number of negative ions, a clean atmosphere just like in forests can be created even in closed spaces.

    Areas of usage and application methods;
    With its patented technology “ActivePure” greatly reduces and neutralizes odours, smoke, airborne particles and micro-organisms on surfaces. ActivePure technology, with a special UVX beam and a photocatalytic matrix coated with rare metals, provides maximum reduction in bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores present in the air and on surfaces.

    It plays an active role in minimizing the effects of epidemics (seasonal flu and other flu types).
    It produces human-friendly oxidizers by reducing all kinds of unpleasant odour, smoke, dust and allergens through the oxidation process. The technology adapted to the spa’s general ventilation system is used in the indoor pool, wet areas, massage rooms and all other areas.

    The number of negative ions: Forests 3,000(-) ions cm3 -Waterfalls 50,000(-) ions cm3 Streams 2,000(-) ions cm3 Mountains,000(-) ions cm3 –Seashore 4,000(-) ions cm3 –City center 1,000(-) ions cm3 –Residential and Enclosed Buildings 20(-) ions cm3 – Automobiles 14(-) ions cm3 –GREENDOOR SPA 3000(-) ions cm3

    Our organically certified products used in our standard spa treatment massages, Turkish baths and body treatments are offered to our guests in disposable (greenSingleDose) packages. The products we use are tested by international organic certification institutions. Furthermore, we continue to offer high hygiene standards by using single use textiles in all treatments that you will get.



    Cryotherapy is a relatively new phenomenon which has quickly trickled into a celebrity trend over the years.

    Cryotherapy is a relatively new phenomenon which has quickly trickled into a celebrity trend over the years. Cryotherapy treatments are administered to target various issues in the body, ranging from medicine and pain therapy, sports and athletics, as well as wellness and beauty. From cellulite reduction to chronic pain suppression, Cryotherapy chambers have several proven health and beauty benefits.

    In the Cryotherapy chamber, the body is exposed to an extremely low temperature of up to -180°C for only a few minutes (the body does not freeze because the air is incredibly dry). The Cryotherapy chamber is very effective in cellulite treatment; by exposing areas with cellulite to extremely cold temperatures, the body speeds up capillary vessel circulation while breaking up waste and fat cells. Research shows that regular sessions can burn up to 700 calories.

    The use of Cryothereapy chambers in clinics, spa centers, fitness centers and beauty salons has been approved by the CE, FDA and Ministry of Health.

    Indications for Use:

    • Age 20+
    • Skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis
    • Orthopedic pain
    • Muscle and skeletal conditions
    • Anti-aging
    • Immunity enhancement
    • Cellulite, body sculpting and slimming

    Contraindications for Use:

    • Age 55+
    • Chronic heart disease, recent heart attack
    • Pregnancy
    • Tuberculosis
    • Chronic blood circulation diseases
    • Cancer
    • High-blood pressure
    • Person under the influence of alcohol


    • Appropriate treatment is recommended by a SPA representative according to conditions mentioned above.
    • After sun bathing and before using of the cryosauna a guest should sit in a cool room for 5 minutes to prepare the body for the treatment.
    • During the treatment the guest is attended by a SPA representative at all times.
    • After the treatment the guest should sit in a cool room for 5 minutes and have a cool drink.
    • The SPA representative once making sure that the customer feels well, will complete the session