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BEEHIVE Fitness Club

For those who do not wish to take a break from exercising while on holiday...

    For those who do not wish to take a break from exercising while on holiday...

    BEEHIVE Fitness Centre.

    Regnum Carya, among  the first choices of guests who prefer the hotels in the Antalya Belek region for their holiday, stands out with yet another new addition: BEEHIVE Fitness Centre. Guests who do not wish to take time off exercising while on holiday will find more than what they expect at Regnum Carya’s new and unique sports centre.

    Very special equipment

    BEEHIVE is equipped with the Technogym brand fitness equipment, one of the world's leading brands in sports and fitness. This equipment designed using state of the art technology makes exercise more fun. From treadmills to bicycles, weight equipment to high-performance equipment, we have thought of everything for our sports-loving guests. Moreover, thanks to BEEHIVE's large openable windows, it feels like you are exercising outdoors.

    With the programmable bikes in the cardio area, you can create your own warm-up program and automatically adjust the bike's difficulty level and other features. You can monitor your performance from the screen in front of you and compare yourself  with other users.

    A place where sports meets technology…

    When you download Technogym's mywellness application to your phone, which can be used anywhere in the world, you can track and record your workout performances at BEEHIVE. If you have this application on your phone, you will receive notifications as soon as you log in to Regnum Carya. The app directs you to the on-site BEEHIVE Fitness Centre. By reading the QR Codes on the equipment, you can upload your own program and performance information to the equipment. This way you can make optimum use of the device by following the moves and repetitions that the application will recommend for you.

    All the equipment used at BEEHIVE are state-of-the-art equipment. Thus, you can download all the workouts you have done here to your phone using the mywellness application. You can use this information as data for your trainings after your holiday and keep track of your own schedule wherever you are in the world. Even your personal trainer can monitor your workouts with this application.

    Train like a professional

    BEEHIVE's Olympic series equipment also attracts a lot of attention. This equipment has been developed with feedback from top athletes who have competed in the Olympics. The superior features of this equipment allow you to do free weight exercises for targeting specific muscle groups in your body. This special system, designed especially for professional athletes in the field of golf, tennis and football, is at the service of Regnum Carya guests.

    Each equipment is a sports and entertainment centre itself.

    You can choose one of the pre-made workouts prepared by Technogym's international trainers and exercise as if you are working with a personal trainer. By selecting the image of the city you wish to see on the screens of the cardio equipment, you can experience the feeling of walking or running in any city in  the country of your choice during training. In addition, thanks to these smart screens, you can access applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and continue with your entertainment while working out.

    You can train like a professional if you wish.

    Besides light, sweat-inducing sports activities, you can work out like a professional athlete as well. BEEHIVE also has equipment designed for professional athletes. With this equipment, it is also possible to perform challenging trainings where you can do high-level workouts. For example, when you use the bikes that have the same gear system and features as the bikes used in professional races, you can pedal like athletes competing in the streets of Paris or Barcelona, and feel like the leading cyclists who deserve to wear the yellow jersey.

    Professional BEEHIVE trainers are at your service.

    At BEEHIVE, you can get personal training service from our fitness instructors who are ready to help you. With the workout programs they will specifically prepare for you, you can do exercises that can be much more beneficial for your body. Of course, thanks to the high-level technology used in BEEHIVE, you can create your own digital exercise program or you can choose a pre-made workout plan from the mywellness application.

    Regnum Carya's diversity in its services extends to BEEHIVE as well.

    At BEEHIVE you can also take advantage of group lessons and other services such as yoga, Pilates, boxing, kickboxing, stretching, golf training as well as personal training.

    BEEHIVE's equipment is so extensive that whether you are someone who has never played a sport in your life or whether you are an elite athlete who has competed in the Olympics… You have everything you need in this fitness centre.