Regnum Carya Shows Out 2021

Regnum Carya Shows Out 2021 with Exciting Events and Organizations

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    With the Russian Intra-Club Golf Tournament, REGNUM CARYA launched a tournament season on the dates of 12-17th November. The attention of the audience in the tournament, which hosted 210 Players from 14 different Clubs, was big. REGNUM CARYA, which has hosted nine different tournaments since the beginning of the year, this year, hosted the biggest tournament of Europe, PRO-AM Golf Tournament, for the 8th time. Max Kramer became the winner of the tournament that was held between the dates 28th November and 05th December. Kramer also won an accommodation award and a special award in REGNUM CARYA. The tournament that was held in CARYA Golf Club, which is the first and the only enlightened golf field in Europe, and in National Golf Club, which is the first golf club in Turkey, took first place among the most important sports events in Turkey. REGNUM CARYA Tournament Season continued with FİKRET ÖZTÜRK Intra-Club Championship. 7 very important Golf Clubs including Klassis, Kemer, Bodrum, Ankara, Taurus, KKTC, İzmir and İstanbul attended the Tournament that was held for the 7th time this year. In order to introduce golf as a sport branch to the public and in order to promote golf as a sport branch, REGNUM CARYA, at the moment, is getting prepared to host very important tournaments such as Spring Cup and Kratos Golf Tournament.

    The 11th Energy Summit of Turkey was held between the dates of 21st and 23rd November 2021 in ANTALYA REGNUM CARYA Hotel with the theme “Enerjinin Kalbi Antalya ‘da” [“The Heart of Energy beats in Antalya”] with the attendance of lots of Press Members plus the representatives from many Public and Private Sector Organizations. 22 different sessions with 102 different speakers were held during the Summit, which was attended by 1562 Delegates. The "Private Session with the Minister", where questions regarding the energy sector were answered by the Minister of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources FATİH DÖNMEZ, attracted the attention of the participants.

    REGNUM CARYA, which attracted the attention of many people by welcoming world-famous musicians in the previous years, shares the privilege of four-season music with its participants thanks to uninterrupted music events. The most popular musicians, who are known for their unique styles and who are seriously admired by their fans, become the architect of weekends filled with music and fun in REGNUM CARYA. After starting with EVRENCAN GÜNDÜZ, who actually started his career as a street musician and who rapidly climbed up the stairs of his profession; weekend concerts continued with a popular rock musician, FATMA TURGUT, and another young musician, SENA ŞENER. The sound of music in REGNUM CARYA shall continue with new performances during the New Year.

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