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Regnum Carya Celebrates Its 9th Year

Opened in April 2014 and celebrating its 9th year this month, Regnum Carya has become a pioneer in many areas by revolutionizing the concept of comfort in the sector and bringing a whole new perspective to Turkey's tourism.

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    The host of summits..

    During the past 9 years Regnum Carya has become the leading centre of prominent events not only in Turkey but also throughout the world,  having hosted numerous national and international organizations most notably the 2015 G20 Summit. The diplomatic peace summit between Russia and Ukraine, hosted by Turkey last month, was also held at Regnum Carya.

    The preferred choice of world stars…

    Regnum Carya  was the host of concerts performed by world renown stars such as  Jennifer Lopez and Tom Jones, as well as the host venue in Turkey for the shooting of the Hollywood movie "Operation Fortune", directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jason Statham and Hugh Grant.

    The centre of golf tournaments….

    Regnum Carya is also a world-class golf centre. Many international tournaments are held here including the "Regnum Carya Pro-Am", Europe's largest Pro-Am tournament.

    The place for unforgettable memories

    With rooms that redefine the notion of comfort, exclusive services, top-notch restaurants that serve the most delicious samples from the world cuisine and many more privileges, Regnum Carya will continue to be the first choice of guests who wish to experience unforgettable moments.

    To many more 9 years…