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Greencell Beauty Centre, the Doorway to Beauty

Imagine a Spa centre where you can access all amenities for your health and beauty during your holiday… Step into the peaceful world of GreenDoor Spa & Wellness.

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    Imagine a Spa centre where you can access all amenities for your health and beauty during your holiday… Step into the peaceful world of GreenDoor Spa & Wellness. 

    You are invited to a very unique spa experience at Green Door Spa, where you can enjoy the heated pool and jacuzzi both in the summer and winter, relax in the Turkish bath, sauna and steam baths,  luxuriate in the suite room facilities and Bali House massage rooms. You will experience peace and relaxation at its peak here with different therapeutic and beauty treatments including  traditional Asian and European massages, Far East and Indian therapies, body-shaping massages, and aromatherapy. 

    In addition, Green Door Spa also has a beauty centre where you can benefit from treatments to enhance your beauty and health. This centre, located within our spa centre in a separate area, is equipped with the latest technology systems. At Greencell Beauty Centre, you can achieve healthy skin and augment your beauty with personalized treatments. 

    Take a Beauty Break at Greencell 

    A magnificent centre for beauty to pamper  yourself during your holiday; Greencell… Unique treatments and applications offered specifically for your skin and body give you younger and purer skin. These treatments are essential for  repairing  damage to your skin and hair caused by the sun, dry air, sea and the pool. At Greencell, you can effortlessly achieve more vibrant and renewed skin with special treatments applied professionally using the right techniques. 

    What is the INDIBA System and How Does It Work? 

    The beauty centre uses the world's most advanced and rapid cell regeneration technology, "INDIBA (Deep Beauty)". INDIBA enables deep tissue stimulation allowing more oxygen to reach the inner tissue. This method, which can be applied with all skin and body care treatments, provides active cell therapy by promoting cell generation, repairment and restoration  as well as increasing blood flow, delivering oxygen and nourishment to the tissue and enabling faster regeneration by stimulating the metabolism. 

    Proionic® System stimulates rejuvenation and revitalization, reducing fat and cellulite while creating a firming and regenerating effect, as well as increasing oxygen and hydrating the skin. With a specific frequency of 448kHz and two modes of application, this technology creates different biological processes at the cellular level. This frequency combines the effects of cell activity, blood flow, rejuvenation and stimulation of metabolic processes. 

    What Are These Treatments That Enhance Your Beauty? 

    While INDIBA helps the regeneration of fibers that provide collagen and elasticity to the skin, it plumps the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and slows the signs of aging. This highly preferred method, which is used not only for facial care but also for treating the whole body, stands out with the techniques and applications it offers in fighting cellulite, burning fat, and shaping the body. INDIBA also helps you have healthier and more beautiful hair with its scalp strengthening applications. 

    Treatments offered for the skin include; Anti-Aging, intensive moisturizing care, Hydrafacial MD, soothing and purifying treatments, golden caviar skin care, spot treatment, collagen treatments  and many other special treatments that your skin needs… 

    Treatments  provided for the body include; Peeling, after-sun, anti-cellulite, face, neck, cleavage and breast care, body sculpting, caviar skin care and more… 

    For the hair, rejuvenation, strengthening and hair loss treatments are offered.