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An Experience Beyond the Classic Open Buffet

Regnum Carya offers its guests superior food and beverage service.

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    Regnum Carya offers its guests superior food and beverage service. Olive, the main restaurant of Regnum Carya, invites its guests to a new feast of flavours every day created with care and sensitivity. Olive, with its wide range of options ranging from world cuisine to local tastes, is one of the best examples of a buffet-style restaurant. 

    Olive Restaurant, open  for breakfast, late breakfast, lunch and dinner, serves flavours from different world cuisines every day. The restaurant offers more than 300 selections of food including Mexican, Turkish, Far East, Italian, European, seafood, BBQ concepts and many more. 

    Quality service,  peaceful ambiance 

    Olive Restaurant offers its guests an open buffet experience free from clutter and disarray with buffets placed in separate sections. At this spacious restaurant , you can fill your plate without feeling rushed and enjoy the calm atmosphere and stylish decor. Olive Restaurant includes indoor and outdoor seating  and a separate area for adults and children. The children's buffet offers healthy and delicious options suitable for the  little one’s taste with fun decorations. 


    Different flavours, same freshness 

    All the food offered in this feast of flavours throughout the day at Olive Restaurant is served with utmost quality in terms of freshness and taste. In this restaurant, everything from colourful salads to hot and cold starters, grilled flavours  including steak, fish and chicken served as main course, buffet with a wide selection of desserts and fruit, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, are prepared and served with the same care and variety every day.