A Unique Barbecue Experience At Grill Do Brasil

Grill Do Brasil, our à la carte restaurant that caters to barbecue lovers, serves the unique flavours of Brazilian cuisine in world-class standards.

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    The à la carte service is offered in the style of Brazilian barbecue, or "Churrascaria."

    Red and white meats cooked in the Churrasco style are served on large skewers and brought to the table one after the other then served on plates with meat tongs. The special, custom-designed long skewer on the table allows guests to serve themselves, which is quite appealing. Be sure to reserve your spot for this delicious Brazilian barbecue experience in the sophisticated ambiance of Grill Do Brasil.

    Flavors That Will Linger on Your Palate

    At Grill Do Brasil, we offer a variety of delicious dishes, including glazed fresh grilled pineapple, coconut rice, spicy sausage, shrimp and avocado ceviche for starters, and orange crème brûlée, lemon cheesecake, and many other exquisite flavours for dessert. Brazilian specialty cocktails such as "Caipirinha" and its varieties are also among the cocktails served exclusively at this restaurant

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