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A Holiday In Autumn At Regnum Carya Is Something Else

After a long and beautiful hot summer, the gentle autumn breezes have started in Antalya

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    Enjoy a lovely holiday during this long-awaited autumn season with the Regnum Carya difference.

    Every season is beautiful for going on holiday  in Antalya where the weather is warm throughout the year. The autumn months, when the weather turns and the temperatures gradually become milder,  are  one of the best  seasons of the year in Antalya. You can be absolutely sure that your Regnum Carya vacation in autumn will be just as wonderful as summer.

    Refreshing moments at Regnum Carya's beach

    Isn't it fantastic to be able to swim during September and October while the sea is still pleasantly warm in Antalya? You can continue to enjoy peaceful and tranquil   moments by the sea at Regnum Carya's beach. The last traces of summer linger on our beach and piers, offering blissful times  both at daytime and in the evening. The Food Courts, pier bars, Palm Beach Club, and Alia Beach Club continue to enhance the pleasant times you spend at the beach with all their charm.

    Enjoy the pool all year round

    Whether it's summer or winter, the poolside at Regnum Carya is delightful every season. In mid-autumn when the weather starts to cool down, our pools are heated with a special heating system, offering you the pleasure of swimming all year round. With their dining areas and bars, our pools provide excellent facilities for you to enjoy sunny days throughout the year.

    Delightful musical evenings at Green Bar

    With its outdoor poolside bar & lounge,  Green Bar is Regnum Carya's beloved spot for enjoying pleasant hours by the pool in the evenings. Embracing the refreshing weather at Green Bar on beautiful autumn evenings will be an experience you won't want to let go of. Moreover, on select days, you'll also be treated to  wonderful live music performances that add sparkle to the vibrant evenings at  Green Bar.

    Golf season begins as autumn arrives

    With the onset of autumn, when the ideal weather conditions for golf begin , we transition into the most beautiful season for our golf enthusiast guests. Carya Golf Club and National Golf Club are preparing to host a series of important golf tournaments this season as well.