The fresh and reliable tastes of the Regnum Carya cuisine is transformed into rich alternatives in all the restaurants serving different concepts.

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    The fresh and reliable tastes of the Regnum Carya cuisine is transformed into rich alternatives in all the restaurants serving different concepts. The menu, carefully prepared by the professional kitchen team, consists of the best examples of local and international dishes. Perfectly combining the best food and the best service, Regnum Carya takes its guests to a journey of tastes in the real sense.

    Olive Main Restaurant 

    Taking the breakfast - one of the most meaningful reasons to start the day happily - beyond the classical breakfast service, the Main Restaurant does not forget brunch lovers. The lunch and dinner options of the Olive Main Restaurant consist of different tastes from the world to local cuisine that are served in an open buffet concept. The stylish decoration includes indoor and outdoor tables, a kid’s restaurant section designed for families with children, a baby corner and a private adult section.

    Ristorante Tramonto

    Italian cuisine, known to be gastronomically close to the Turkish cuisine, has a special place among the world cuisines, inspired by the light and delicious flavors of the Mediterranean. Aside from the fact that Tramonto, the favorite Italian restaurant of Regnum Carya has a great Italian menu, it also stands out with its pool view and peaceful atmosphere.


    The Far Eastern cuisine has undoubtedly the most exotic details of the world cuisine. Kushimoto, Regnum Carya’s restaurant attracting great interest, shares the popular dishes featuring the best examples of Far Eastern cuisine in its menu. The sushi, which is one of the most popular dishes of Far Eastern cuisine, is widely used in Kushimoto’s à la carte menu. Teppanyaki in Kushimoto, the exciting food ceremony of the Far East, make the guests experience joyful moments.

    The Seahorse

    The fresh fish of the season prepared using different cooking techniques from grill to stew are served with authentic Aegean and Mediterranean delicatessen and greens. Offering new discoveries as well as classic flavors for seafood lovers, the restaurant combines the seasonal sea products with appetizing presentations.

    Köz Ocakbaşı

    Köz Ocakbaşı restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants of Regnum Carya serving the most delicious dishes of the Turkish & Ottoman cuisine to our guests. The restaurant, offering different tastes from all over Anatolia, will also attract you with its decoration.

    Grill do Brasil

    Grill do Brasil Grill do Brasil, which mainly serves the tastes of meat lovers, offers the dishes of this special cuisine to guests the some way as its equivalents in the world. White and red meats cooked on the Churrascaria, a Brazilian barbecue, are brought to the table on long skewers and served on plates with small tongs. Meats grilled with a special cooking technique are served in such a softness that they are dissolved in the mouth like a delight.

    The Sandal Restaurant

    Sandal is one of the most liked restaurants of Regnum Carya where the soft tastes of the Aegean Cuisine is combined with authentic Mediterranean dishes, over looking waves of the Mediterranean Sea

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