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    It has now become a tradition to bring our guests together with world renown stars in Antalya- Belek. As Regnum Carya, we brought a new perspective to the entertainment world with our “Regnum Live in Concert” series. With this series of concerts, we have hosted numerous celebrities on our stage and created unforgettable moments for our guests.

    The magnificent show started with Jennifer Lopez.

    As Regnum Carya, we organized one of Jennifer Lopez’s concerts in Turkey for our guests. J Lo, one of the biggest stars in the world, gave a magnificent performance at Regnum Carya in Antalya- Belek. The queen of music and dance made a tremendous impression in Turkey with her concert and show at Regnum Carya where all our guests attending this concert had an unforgettable experience.

    A living legend was also on stage at Regnum Carya

    Wales may not have a king, but Welsh music does. And that, of course, is Tom Jones. We are proud to have hosted this legendary star on our stage, an artist who has captured the hearts of music lovers for many years with his powerful voice and unique style.  Regnum Carya guests also had the privilege of watching a great legend perform live.

    The best of ‘Afropolitan House’ music

    A world star fascinated everyone at the opening party of Alia Beach, one of the most exclusive venues of Regnum Carya. DJ Black Coffee, the leading representative of 'Afropolitan House' music, took the stage. The star, performing in the DJ booth, turned the party into a complete musical feast firing up all guests. Many celebrities from  Turkey and around the world attended this  party where dancing and entertainment continued throughout the night.

    The most famous stars always perform at Regnum Carya.

    Besides Jennifer Lopez, Tom Jones and Black Coffee, many famous stars took the stage at Regnum Carya as part of the 'Regnum Live in Concert' series. Among these names were Rita Ora with her captivating performance, Dua Lipa, who gave her first ever concert in Turkey, Anne Marie, the world chart topper, Jason Derulo, the idol of millions, Luis Fonsi, the record breaker and James Arthur the winner of the British X Factor.

    Concerts at Regnum Carya will continue without slowing down.

    Due to the pandemic, as it was across the world, Regnum Carya’s stage remained silent for a while. But very soon, other famous names will be added to our “Regnum Live in Concert” series. As Regnum Carya, we will continue to fascinate our guests with our new and big surprises in our  entertainment world.

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