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If we were to ask people in Turkey “what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say "holiday" ?

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    If we were to ask people in Turkey “what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say "holiday" ?,”  what do you think their answers would be? Antalya of course, especially if we are talking about a “summer holiday”.  And in Antalya,  the most prestigious and most preferred region in  this holiday paradise is unquestionably Belek.

    As Regnum Carya, our aim is to ensure that you spend your summer holiday in Belek -Antalya in the most privileged way. As the ultimate centre of comfort and entertainment, we have thought of every detail for your summer vacation here at Regnum Carya.

    A lively or peaceful summer holiday amid nature.

    Its spectacular nature, relaxing climate, deep blue sea and warm sun are just a few of the features that make Antalya Belek the first choice for a summer holiday. As Regnum Carya, we set out to create an exclusive holiday environment for you. We have become the major centre of attraction for the summer with our service differentiation.

    Regnum Carya, a frequent stop of even migratory birds thanks to its natural vegetation that includes endemic species, is like paradise on earth. This environment, accompanied by comfortable spaces and privileged services, offers you the opportunity to experience natural life. It's only a matter of time before you breathe in the fresh air as you cycle through a colourful bike path surrounded by bougainvillea. After completing your sports activity in nature, you can immerse yourself in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean in  a matter of minutes.

    If you are among those who think that a summer vacation means spending quiet and peaceful time, Regnum Carya's 'Waterfall Area' will offer you a serene setting beyond your imagination. In this venue where peacocks, ducks, squirrels and goats reside, the calming sound of water will take you to a completely different dimension. If you wish to add a little bit of peace to your  comfortable and fun summer holiday at Regnum Carya, our natural venues are ideal for you. Our energetic little friends in Regnum Carya’s natural environment will be happy to accompany you and boost your peace of mind.

    The peaceful venues of Regnum Carya are not limited to these places. Our walking path is one of the very special trails that will add to your serenity. To describe this place to you in the simplest way… First, imagine a lush green world. Then sprinkle flowers of a thousand colours into that green. Now add the most peaceful sound of the world, the chirping of birds… Isn't this a beautiful dream? It’s beautiful but not a dream. This is one of the most beautiful realities of Regnum Carya. There is no need to take your headphones with you while taking a walking in this peaceful path adorned with these colour details. A walk accompanied by the natural symphony of birds will create great relaxation and indescribable peace. While you are walking to the songs of goldfinches, you will also see squirrels accompanying you either on the path or over the trees. The walks that you will take in the company of our little friends residing in Regnum Carya’s natural environment will once again remind you of the real beauty on earth.

    Essentials of a summer vacation: Sea, sand, sun, pier and of course a pool.

    A summer vacation at Regnum Carya is now even more enjoyable with its renewed beach concept. Our exquisite white sand, one of our guests’ favourite features is refreshed every year. In addition, we now have a very large grass area for our guests who prefer grass instead of sand while sunbathing. Part of the beach concept, this grass area is an ideal place for enjoying the sun. If you wish to take a quick  swim in the sea, it conveniently located right next to the white sand area. With this new beach concept that adds  to your comfort, you can enjoy the sea to the fullest.

    If you prefer to spend time near the sea, not on the beach, then we have a good solution for that as well. It will be our pleasure to welcome you at our two large piers, where both common areas and private cabanas are located. These two piers, which have their own bars, are the most suitable option for our guests who wish to be just a step  away from the sea.

    And, of course, our pools… You can enjoy the pools with a bar or swim in the pool right in front of your room. Our “Pearl Pool” rooms, suites and family rooms have direct access to the pool. Kid's pools, aquaparks, large pool, heated pool, indoor pool… In fact, there many different types of pools to enjoy at Regnum Carya. You can choose whichever pool you wish.

    An ultra-all-inclusive summer holiday

    Antalya Belek is known for its all-inclusive hotels. But Regnum Carya turns this ultra-all-inclusive concept into a very different experience for you during your summer holiday. At Regnum Carya, almost everything, except for our most exclusive services, can be enjoyed on a  complimentary basis.

    Regnum Carya is a gastronomic heaven

    We offer exquisite flavours not only in our À la Carte restaurants, but also at our open buffet main restaurant. At our main restaurant, where on certain days dishes from  different world cuisines are served and special culinary days such as seafood and barbecues are organized, you can enjoy delicious flavours for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    We have designed our a la carte restaurants as venues where signature flavours are served in their unique ambiance. A large part of our a la carte restaurants, which you need to make reservations for, are free of charge.

    During the day, when you don't want to interrupt your time by the seaside, you can also enjoy our complimentary food court service, which is a part of our beach concept, that consists of 4 adorable food shops. We designed these small shops serving all kinds of snacks including ice cream, fresh fruit, pancakes, baked potato and corn, for our guests who prefer light snacks.

    A summer holiday at Regnum Carya is different

    Our first priority is to make a difference for you with our summer activities and venues included in the summer concept. You  will feel this difference at our golf courses, our villas offering maximum comfort and with the impeccable services that we provide to make you feel exceptional.

    We welcome guests from all over the world with this perception. Our service approach makes our guests say, "This is the ultimate summer vacation." If you wish to enjoy the summer months in Belek, we invite you to discover the difference with Regnum Carya privileges.