Antalya is the centre of golf in Turkey, one of the most prestigious sports activities in the world.

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    Antalya is the centre of golf in Turkey, one of the most prestigious sports activities in the world. Hosting many national and international tournaments as well as world famous golfers, Antalya has a wide range of premises for golf. Carya Golf Club takes the lead among these premises as Europe's first and only fully lit golf course. Ranked as one of the best 100 golf clubs in the world by leading golf magazines, Carya Golf Club is one of the few clubs that can host international tournaments with its 18-hole golf course.Golf every day of the year at Regnum Carya

    Thanks to Antalya's favourable climate, Regnum Carya’s premises is suitable for playing golf not only in summer but also 12 months of the year. Our golf course, founded by world renown golfer Thompson Perrett and designed by the architects of Thompson Perrett & Lobb Golf Course, has standards exceeding other golf courses. We have built this course as Europe's first and only fully lit golf course to serve our golf enthusiast Regnum Carya guests around the clock. Hosting world famous golf professionals, this course also appeals to amateur golfers. With its superior features, Regnum Carya stands out among other golf hotels in Antalya -Belek.

    Of course, the only distinctive feature of this exclusive golf course is not limited to its lighting system.

    Preferred by the best golfers in the world…

    Opened in 2008, Carya Golf Club course hosts both national and international tournaments. This course, where the Turkish Airlines Open was held 3 times, has witnessed the exciting games of 78 golfers competing in the category of the best in the world as well as many “aces”.

    National Golf Club, established in 1994 adding tremendous vitality to golf in Turkey, continues to operate under Regnum Carya. This course also hosts many important tournaments that are held in Antalya- Belek. In short, Regnum Carya's contribution to golf as well as many golf professionals and amateur golf enthusiasts with unique courses is a great source of pride not only for us but also for Antalya Belek and tourism in Turkey.

    Regnum Carya is the centre of golf tournaments.

    Regnum Carya, which organizes important world tournaments, is the leader in the world of golf in the Antalya- Belek region as well as Turkey. It is the host of many tournaments, notably the "Turkish Airlines Open Golf Tournament", one of the biggest tournaments in the world, and "Regnum Carya Pro-Am", which holds the title of Europe's largest Pro-Am Tournament. Other important tournaments include: Regnum Carya Junior Open, Regnum Russia Golf Tournament, Fikret Öztürk Golf Championship and Regnum Open.

    Preferred by amateur golfers: Carya Golf Academy
    This is a school where golf enthusiasts who wish to start golf receive special training. All golf trainings are given by P.G.A. Qualified Professionals in Turkish, English, Russian and German languages. Our academy consists of a 300+ meter driving range, a unique 130m long putting green and two teaching studios. Thanks to the systematic training of our coaches in the academy, our guests can take their first steps to becoming accomplished golfers.

    Golf training with laboratory precision

    Located within the Academy at Carya Golf Club, the TaylorMade Performance Lab is another feature that distinguishes us from other golf hotels in Antalya- Belek. This lab consists of a building equipped with the latest technologies. This fully enclosed facility is equipped with a Motion Analysis Technology (MAT-T-3D) system. In this lab, specialized custom-fitting of clubs is done on a one-to-one basis with a Carya Academy Club fitting professional.

    The lab conforms to Tour standards and is equipped with club customizing equipment including a loft lie machine; putter loft and lie machine and a unique gripping station. The Motion Analysis Technology (MAT-T-3D) system provides real-time simulation of your swings. This enables the professional club fitter to fully understand your swing and launch. This way, they can offer you the most suitable recommendations for a complete set of TaylorMade golf clubs.

    As Regnum Carya, we not only bring our guests together with famous golf players at major tournaments but also offer our expertise in golf at our facilities equipped with the latest technologies. Whether you are a professional golf player or an amateur devoted to this sport… Whatever you need concerning golf you will most definitely find it at Regnum Carya.

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