To sustain a better life and to protect nature, The GreenDoor Spa & Wellness in Regnum Carya has implemented a brand new system to create an environmentally friendly pool.

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    Let’s all agree, in choosing a facility for our holiday our criteria are common, it must be clean, should be near the beach, must have good recreational facilities, if possible have a spa and even better a spa with a pool.

    We all enjoy spending a good time at the pool but we don’t know how its cleaning system works or how hygienic it really is. Regnum Carya uses the ECA (Electro Chemical Activation) system to sanitize the indoor pool at the spa center. Let’s explain this further for those who don’t know about this system or have never heard of it. The pool at the GreenDoor Spa & Wellness is sanitized with the ECA (Electro Chemical Activation) system, a technology that uses water, salt and electricity to produce a disinfectant that is used for the sanitation of the pool water. Since no chemicals are used, it does not dry the skin and the water is enriched with oxygen. This 100% environmentally friendly system does not harm humans, animals or plants. The usual mishaps that happen in standard pools using high amounts of chlorine never happen in our pool.

    Take a swim in a hygienic pool

    Why are we telling you all this? We want you to enjoy the pool at the GreenDoor Spa & Wellness, which uses organic certified products being aware that everything which is harmful to mother nature is also harmful for human health, without any hesitation. The GreenDoor Spa & Wellness offers an ecological spa concept that is 100% ecological, toxin-free, environmentally safe and harmless to human health, chlorine and chemical free. All you have to do is enter through the green door that leads to nature. Be ready to get rejuvenated!

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