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Turkey’s young celebrity couple Pelin Akil Altan and Anıl Altan, who stayed at Regnum Carya for the first time last year and had a wonderful holiday experience, came back to spend a second holiday this year.

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    The couple attended the concert of the year, Jennifer Lopez, and this time enjoyed a holiday with their twin babies at Regnum Carya.

    Acting is a strenuous profession, in your spare time from the film sets you dream of a holiday where everything is close to perfect. We always preferred to go abroad for such a holiday. We were very convinced that there were only hotels abroad offering all the comfort which we were looking for, therefore we always chose a location overseas us our holiday destination.

    Last year we came to Regnum Carya for the first time. We really liked the hotel and were very impressed by all the details. We felt like we were in a big world where we always discovered new places each time. This was well above monotonous hotel facilities. As a couple who enjoy eating, we were more than impressed by Regnum’s cuisine.