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"I have great memories of every holiday I spent here." Paige Morgan

  • Regnum Carya | Guest Interviews | Great Memories | 2

    1. How would you describe the holiday concept you spent at Regnum Carya?
    I first came to Regnum Carya in May 2015 for my father’s 50th birthday party. It was a wonderful birthday party. Later on I chose this place for several holidays. I have great memories of every holiday I spent here with my family and also with my boyfriend.

    2.With what features do you think Regnum Carya distinguish itself from other hotels?
    Regnum Carya is number one in its league. I think the hotel’s planning is flawless, modern and the decoration is magnificent. Golf villas and private pools and comfortable rooms are very peaceful areas. You can find many things you want in the mini bar.

    3. In which areas of the hotel do you spend your time the most?
    The most favorite area I’ve enjoyed spending time at Regnum Carya is the Pier Pavilions. No matter in which area of the hotel you spend your time, the entire hotel staff help you to spend your time in the best manner.

    4- Do you have any holiday memories that you cannot forget about a holiday in Regnum Carya?
    My father’s 50th birthday was one of the memories I will never forget. We had a tour with a helicopter. The view was fascinating. We came for my birthday in March 2017. Another moment that I cannot forget is the special birthday video prepared by my close friends and the staff. I cannot thank enough to the Regnum Carya family for these courtesies.

    5-Are you referring the hotel to your surroundings? Did you have friends who preferred Regnum Carya with your reference?
    I recommended Regnum Carya to all my friends and relatives. They came and thanked me after spending time here. They had the same feelings with me and they always preferred to share. I’m glad I haven’t received a negative comment from any of them.