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The Rythm of Music Beats at Regnum Carya

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    Regnum Carya, which has captured attention by hosting world-famous music stars over the past years, offers its guests the privilege of entertainment all year round with uninterrupted music. The musical performances and popular styles of the most iconic stars of music promise weekends filled with music and entertainment for Regnum Carya guests. The weekend concerts kicked-off with Evrencan Gündüz, a former street musician who rapidly rose to stardom and continued with the performances of Fatma Turgut, the beloved voice of Turkish rock music, followed by the performance of Sena Şener, a talented young artist.

    Regnum Carya, the host of world-famous music stars and the most talked-about concerts of the past two years, is opening the winter season with a program full of music and entertainment. Offering its guests 12 months of privileged accommodation with its recently launched winter package , Regnum Carya continues to give summer energy to its guests in the winter season.

    Music-filled weekends with famous stars at Regnum Carya

    Regnum Carya, which has completely changed the standard approach in the hotel sector with the spectacular events it has hosted, promises to be the perfect place for a pleasant holiday in the winter season as well. With weekend concerts, music and entertainment performed by top artists, Regnum Carya continues to provide unforgettable moments to its guests. Talented stars take the stage with their memorable performances for non-stop entertainment. The weekend concerts commenced with the young voice of Anadolu Funk, Evrencan Gündüz who started his musical career as a street musician to quickly become one of the most listened to artists, followed by Fatma Turgut, an ambitious vocalist of Turkish rock music, and continued with Sena Şener, an artist who attracted attention with her successful covers. Sena Şener took the stage at Regnum Carya on Saturday, December 20 at 21:30 and performed her popular foreign covers and chart-topping songs for music lovers.