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Regnum Carya | Chuckles Kids Club | Junior Club


Our children between the ages of 8-12 can have fun in the Aquapark, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, attend handicraft lessons, and spend time in the computer room, accompanied by our expert and experienced teams.

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  • Kids Club Legoroom 1 Regnumcarya
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    We offer our children of all ages a huge world with many entertainment options where they can learn new things and develop their imagination and creativity. Many features and services designed only for children turn into an unforgettable holiday that you can enjoy as a family. You can also use Land of Legends, the largest theme park in Antalya, free of charge.

    For children aged 8-12, the Junior Club offers an array of exciting activities, from Aquapark adventures and swimming in indoor and outdoor pools to engaging in handcraft lessons and enjoying computer room activities. Our expert teams are present to ensure a fun and enriching experience for all.

    Regnum Carya ensures an array of entertainment options for children of all ages, fostering creativity, learning, and joyful experiences. With dedicated features and services exclusively designed for children, we transform every family holiday into an unforgettable adventure. As a bonus, you can also enjoy complimentary access to the Land of Legends, the region's largest theme park, further enhancing the holiday spirit for the whole family.