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Enjoy  shows with different themes every day and embark on a fascinating journey through the legacies of different cultures.

You will feel as if you are at the Rio Carnival in this Samba Fever dance show performed by Brazilian dancers.  Get ready for a fun-filled show with magical colorful and flamboyant costumes and the renowned “capoeira” dance.

Enjoy Turkish melodies with modern interpretations of Anatolian regional dances at the Shaman Show. Watch the unique dances of each region in Turkey performed by talented dancers on stage in this show that keeps the cultural heritage of our different cultures alive.

With the Shaman 7 Show, you will experience a blend of authentic Turkish folk dances and discover our diverse dance traditions.

The Michael Jackson Show promises an amazing  experience featuring the signature dances and hit songs of the legendary pop star.

Regnum Carya | Shows | Animalia Kingdom | 2

A dreamlike show experience; A visual feast performed exclusively at Regnum Carya; Animalia Kingdom.

Regnum Carya | Shows | Flirt | 2

The show is a blend of acrobatics and modern dance performances by a team of 50 professional acrobats.

Regnum Carya | Shows | Alice in Wonderland | 2

The Wonderland Show invites Regnum Carya guests to a magnificent experience full of  splendour and magic.

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