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Zeytintaşı Cave

Zeytintaşı Cave is a karstic structure located within the borders of Akbaş Village in the Serik district of Antalya. This cave, with its unique features, is still an evolving and significant natural formation.

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    Awarded the title of "Natural Monument" in 2013, the cave contributes greatly to regional tourism with its rare and distinctive characteristics. 

    Zeytintaşı Cave is a cave with two interconnected levels; an upper level that's 136 meters long and a lower level that's 97 meters long. The lower level is closed to visitors to protect the area. This karstic cave contains structural formations believed to have formed over approximately one million years. There are numerous small chambers and alcoves resembling stalagmite columns inside the cave.

    The cave is hot and humid. Unique formations such as dripstone columns, stalactites, needles, pillars, stalagmites, dripstones, dripstone pools, ponds, travertines, soda sticks, popcorn, flowstone and helictites adorn the cave, creating magnificent details. One of the caverns inside the cave is called "Spaghetti Hall" where there are pasta stalactites, and in the section called "Chandelier Hall" there are crystalline stalactites.

    Zeytintaşı Mağarası was discovered in 1997 during quarrying. While the cave's development is partially complete, it still continues to grow. The captivating atmosphere and unique beauty of the cave provides visitors with a visual feast. If you wish to experience this impressive natural formation, you should definitely visit Zeytintaşı Mağarası during your trip to Antalya.