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Temple Of Apollo - Side

The Temple of Apollo in Side, Antalya, a masterpiece from the Roman period…

  • Side Apollo Tapınağı Slider

    This temple, with its fascinating architecture and striking details, takes its name from Apollo, the god of light, beauty, and art, who is one of the main deities of Side.

    The Temple of Apollo, built during the Roman Peace period, features columns with Corinthian capitals. Located in the Byzantine Basilica,  a part of the temple was dismantled to be used in the construction of the basilica. Some of the dismantled and damaged parts of the temple, which was originally designed in accordance with the Roman order and peripheral plan, have been restored and reinstalled in their original locations.

    The Temple of Apollo, with a history dating back to 150 A.D, is a cultural heritage that must be seen when visiting Side. Dedicated to Apollo, the god of music, harmony and light, this temple lives up to its name with its  breath-taking views  especially during sunrise and sunset.

    The Temple of Apollo in Side gracefully and tastefully reflects the spirit of its time. 

    It is a romantic, unique, and highly exquisite work of art that symbolizes the Mediterranean and Side with its impressive stance, elegant architectural details, and special lighting.

    With all its captivating architecture and splendour, the Apollo Temple in Side is one of the beauties that must be visited during your trip to Antalya.