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Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall is one of the most visited and most popular natural attractions of Antalya.

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    This renowned waterfall is located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, on the Manavgat River. The Manavgat River, spanning 93 kilometers, forms the Manavgat Waterfall as it cascades over cliffs approximately 5 meters high. This natural beauty is a must-see spot for those visiting Antalya.

    Manavgat Waterfall welcomes many local and international tourists every year. As the most famous waterfall in the Mediterranean region, Manavgat Waterfall also appeals to adventure seekers interested in rafting and canoeing. It is conveniently located just 4 kilometers from Manavgat town center and close to the hotel regions like Belek. 

    The Manavgat River is considered one of the most consistently flowing rivers in Turkey and is fed by underground waters in the canyons. The water flowing along the river creates the Manavgat Waterfall to the north of Manavgat before reaching the Mediterranean Sea. The Oymapınar Dam and Manavgat Dam, both located on the Manavgat River, also contribute to the beauty of the region. The ponds created by these dams provide an appealing scenery for visitors.

    The Manavgat River is an ideal place for nature sports like rafting and canoeing. It's one of the rare rivers where boat tours can be enjoyed. Moreover, in one part  of the river, you can swim at a spot where the sea and river waters converge.

    The Manavgat River hosts a valuable habitat. With its rich mineral content, the river is home to various fish and bird species. Fish such as trout, carp, sea bass, as well as bird species including coots and ducks inhabit this area. Different species of trees such as willow, sycamore, poplar, mulberries, and elm can be seen along the riverbanks. This habitat rich in plant and animal diversity is an important destination for nature lovers and enthusiasts. With its natural beauty and the activities it offers, Manavgat Waterfall is a great option for visitors looking to make unforgettable memories.