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Ancient City of Phaselis

When you are in Kemer, you can visit the Ancient City of Phaselis, which boasts a magical combination of blue and green.

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    This ancient city combines historical and natural beauty, offering an inviting atmosphere to dive into its tranquil waters.

    The Ancient City of Phaselis is located on the southern coast of Turkey, to the west of the Gulf of Antalya. This ancient city, renowned for its historical and natural beauty, was established as a prosperous port city and has been influenced by various civilizations throughout history. Situated within the district of Kemer in Antalya, Phaselis captivates visitors with its historical ruins as well as its crystal blue sea.

    The establishment of the Ancient City of Phaselis dates back to around 691-690 BC. According to legend, the founder of the ancient city ,Lakios, consulted an oracle  who instructed him to establish the city by walking to the north for a day, starting from the point where his ships sank. This is how Phaselis was founded as a significant harbour city on the coast. The dried fish mentioned in the founding myth of Phaselis has also become a symbol of the city.

    Boasting three important harbours during the ancient period, Phaselis continued to thrive during the Roman and Byzantine eras as well. Ruins from this period include structures like Hadrian's Gate, which was constructed during the visit of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. In addition, the aquaducts that supplied the city's water, remains of ancient structures, the theatre, and the agora are among the significant artifacts that have survived to the present day.

    Phaselis features three different harbours — south, north, and military — offering different options for visitors wishing to enjoy the sea. The theatre, showcasing characteristic features of ancient theatres, still stands today.  The Acropolis area is known as the city's oldest settlement and is believed to have housed a temple dedicated to Athena.

    Phaselis offers visitors a captivating experience with remains from the Roman and Byzantine eras, ancient architectural style and well preserved historical structures. At the same time, this ancient city is an attractive holiday destination for nature and sea lovers with its crystal blue waters and beautiful beaches.