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Altınbeşik Cave

Altınbeşik Cave, located near the Ibradi district of Antalya, is a captivating natural wonder.

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    Ranking third worldwide and being Turkey's largest underground lake , Altınbeşik Cave fascinates  visitors with its magnificent beauty and impressive karst structure.

    Located beneath the Altınbeşik Hill, from which it takes its name, this cave stands out with its impressive length of 2,500 meters. Stalactites, stalagmites, dripstone formations, and white travertines within the cave are products of millions of years of natural processes. The beauty and unique atmosphere of Altınbeşik Cave led to its designation as a national park in 1994.

    Visits to Altınbeşik Cave are usually made by boats and kayaks. During this excursion, the fascinating stalactites and dripstones of the cave combine with the mesmerizing view of the water, offering visitors an unforgettable experience. Trail walks and nature hikes inside the cave also provide visitors with delightful moments. 

    Altınbeşik Cave is an important tourist destination that attracts the interest of many local and international tourists, with thousands of people visiting  each year. Situated within the karstic structure of the Taurus Mountains, this cave system stands out among Turkey's natural beauties

    The mesmerizing nature, mysterious formations and impressive colours of the cave truly fascinates visitors. Visiting Altınbeşik Cave during your trip to Antalya trip is a great opportunity to experience the magic of nature up close.