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Les Mills™ & Fitness Center

5 complimentary world-renowned LES MILLS™ fitness classes are offered at the GreenDoor Spa & Wellness Center, led by an on-site certified LES MILLS™ trainer.

5 complimentary world-renowned LES MILLS™ fitness classes are offered at the GreenDoor Spa & Wellness Center, led by an on-site certified LES MILLS™ trainer. This exclusive service is especially exciting for guests who wish to continue LES MILLS™ training while on holiday or those who are simply looking to switch up their gym routine, learn new moves and seek a challenge. No previous experience is required, however participants must be 16+.

BODYCOMBAT™ is a high-energy fitness program that allows you to destroy calories while having a blast. Using elements of martial arts, BODYCOMBAT™ is a non-contact, full-body workout. Using kicks, air punches, tons of cardio and great music, it is a perfect class to tone your arms, back, shoulders and legs.

CXWORX™ is a 30-minute fitness program targeting the core, with exercises ranging from body weight moves like crunches to using resistance bands and weight plates. This workout is designed to increase core strength, tone abs, glutes and legs as well as improve posture and functional strength.

BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class designed to burn calories fast with a full-body workout. Using light to moderate weights for squats, curls and lifts, guests are invited to partake in a highly motivating group weight training session. With upbeat music and tons of repetitions, BODYPUMP™ is a great way to burn fat and get fit fast.

BODYBALANCE™ combines elements of yoga, tai chi and Pilates to seamlessly center the body and mind. It is designed for those looking to not only improve their overall fitness and well-being but simply relax and reduce stress through achieving mental clarity. It requires low-level coordination, stretches and poses while focusing on breathing control.

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5-star Fitness Center with exclusive guest services

The Fitness Center is located within the GreenDoor Spa & Wellness Center, allowing guests to effortlessly utilize the many spa facilities before and after a session at the gym. The first level of the Fitness Center acts as the main gym facility, complete with high-end equipment, fresh apples, still and mineral water, towels, a fitness trainer as well as a certified LES MILLS™ instructor.

The upper-level of the Fitness Center provides an open space to facilitate fitness and training classes, including complimentary LES MILLS™ programs and diverse fitness classes. Guests are able to request private training or classes for an additional charge. The upper level also features a multi-functional machine, kettle balls, resistance bands, cross fit battle rope, etc.

Complimentary LES MILLS™


Private Fitness (additional charge)

Reformer pilates, pilates, boxing, kickboxing, weight training, function training, stretching, etc. (private fitness training is personalized if requested by the guest)

** Please Note: Guests must be 16+ to use the Fitness Center

Fitness Activities

The Regnum Carya Entertainment Team also provides fitness activities such as zumba, pilates, yoga, Aqua Physical and kangoo. 


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