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Regnum Carya | Fitness Center | Reformer Pilates


Pilates is a very effective type of exercise to protect the joints  and achieve a lean and toned body. Reformer Pilates, preferred by people of all ages, is a miraculous type of exercise that improves posture and  provides relief from  back, waist and joint pains when done regularly.

    Reformer Pilates, which combines stretching and working all core muscle groups, is ideal for you to create wonders using your own body weight. You will feel your muscles lengthen and strengthen and will notice the positive effects Reformer Pilates has on your body. You can work one-to-one with our expert instructors who will create a personalized Reformer Pilates routine for you to complete during your holiday.

    * Reformer Pilates is available upon request and at extra charge.