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Regnum Carya | Beach Life | Beach Snack


Sate your appetite with the tasty dishes of Palm Beach Snack while you relax in the balmy and soothing ambiance of the white beach.

  • Regnum Carya | Casual Dining | Alia | Beach House | 2

    Palm Beach Snack's a la carte menu consists of the most distinctive flavours of the Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy a feast of flavours of many choices including pita and lahmacun cooked in a hot oven and Turkish dishes such as Iskender, doner kebab and mantı (Turkish style ravioli).

    A delicious culinary experience awaits you at Palm Beach Snack with choices of meticulously prepared fish, meat and chicken dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine, a variety of kebab and meatball dishes from the Turkish cuisine as well as light salads, sandwiches, pizza and pasta selections.