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As our valued guests always expect (and deserve) the best, our relentless pursuit for perfection never ends. We offer impeccable service, exquisite tastes, elegant luxury and perfect tans in the heart of a breath-taking nature. Because we know that you will remember the countless beautiful memories when your holiday is over.

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Elaborately detailed and elegantly created, our rooms reflect a desirable lifestyle


Regnum Carya's master chefs always chase the best flavours to impress you.

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  • Regnum Carya Hotels Dine Italian Chef
  • Regnum Carya Hotels Dine Chinese Chef
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Whether under the sun or soothing hands, here, you can relax and unwind.

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World renowned stars are performing on stage for you.

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Enjoy a privileged holiday with Leaf Loyalty Club.

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We offer many luxurious choices for you to enjoy that will always make you smile. From happy family holidays to sports games or from important conventions to special offers… There is always much more for you to discover at Regnum Carya.

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