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Regnum Carya Maintains its Safehotels Executive Privileges

Offering a holiday experience far beyond expectations, Regnum Carya...

  • Safehotel 2021 Post Slider

    Offering a holiday experience far beyond expectations, Regnum Carya, the preferred holiday destination of local and foreign guests as well as celebrities, continues to further enhance its privileges. Initially certified in 2019, Regnum Carya continues to maintain its Executive Level Certificate privilege in 2022, the highest level of certification awarded by Safehotels Alliance AB, a security institution recognized by the hotel industry and international travel organizations.

    Safehotels, a global hotel safety and security certification company based in Sweden that conducts audits in 60 countries worldwide, is an international certification program that independently verifies and certifies the world's leading hotels for compliance with safety, health and hygiene standards through its expert auditors. The Executive certificate is the highest level of security quality certification which requires full compliance in areas such as personal safety, building security, fire safety, data security and health. Initially awarded  with the Executive certificate in 2019, Regnum Carya holds its title as the safest resort hotel in Turkey.