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Things are always happening at Regnum Carya  because we’re constantly improving the hotel in order to enhance the guest experience. Please read our latest announcements below.

Innovation from Regnum Carya: Non- Chemical Swimming Pool

Are you ready to enjoy a pool that is safe and free of chemicals? The SPA pool at the Green Door Sp...

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Are you ready to enjoy a pool that is safe and free of chemicals?  The SPA pool at the Green Door Spa & Wellness is sanitized with the ECA (Electro Chemical Activation) system, a technology that uses only water, salt and electricity to naturally generate products for replacing the chemicals used for disinfection.

With this new application, the pool water is enriched with oxygen and water clarity is ensured.  There is no need to use water bleach or chemicals to remove algae, thus it does not cause skin dryness. The ECA is a healthy system for everyone; it does not irritate the skin or eyes, reduces the risk of rashes and diseases and is allergen free. Furthermore this biodegradable and environment friendly system does not harm animals or plants in the vicinity of the indoor pool. 

Advantages of Direct Booking Modify Booking

Advantages of Direct Booking

Discover our variety and profit by our advantages for direct bookers:

Special room types for only direct bookers (Junior Room & Senior Room)

  • Free two-way VIP Airport transfer
  • Free cancellation 7 days before arrival*
  • Attractive package offers and deals can only be booked directly
  • Personal advice and a flexible attitude towards special requirements
  • Availability always up to date
  • Alternative payment methods (Credit card, bank transfer, mail order, etc.)
  • No pre-payment or credit card required, you can pay at the reception during check-in*

* Excluding non-refundable and advance purchase reservations.

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