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Golf enthusiasts, wait no more! This year enjoy the best golf holidays in Antalya, Turkey

Try some of the best golf courses in the world. A golf holiday in Belek, Antalya won’t let you down...

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Try some of the best golf courses in the world. A golf holiday in Belek, Antalya won’t let you down

It may be for the thrill of golfing in the moonlight, or the spectacle offered by the appalling landscapes that you get to see as you prepare for your long drive. Perhaps it’s the historic atmosphere that surrounds the golf courses, and permeates the entire Antalya region, or even the natural surroundings that confer a special touch to the golfing experience.

Whatever reason allures you the most, a golf holiday in Antalya is an experience every golfer, from beginners to experts, should try.

Nearly 100 thousand enthusiasts visit Antalya every year to play golf in one of the 10 golf courses in the region, pairing the sport with other recreational and relaxing activities.

Luxury resorts offer unparalleled services to guarantee the highest comfort for golfers’ stay in the area, and several tours and activities such as rafting, trekking or sightseeing are the perfect complement to an unforgettable stay.

Belek, Antalya: a golf haven

Take Belek, for example: this old town, dotted by Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine sculptural and architectural gems, and located close to natural wonders such as the Koprulu National Park or the breathtaking Manavgat Falls, is also home to state-of-the-art, carefully designed and perfectly maintained golf courses, that provide the best grass to test your golfing skills.

You could not expect anything less from the 2008 “Best Golf Destination” award winner, conferred by the Golf Magazine and the Gold Journal for Belek’s top-notch golf courses and exclusive accommodation facilities.

Analyse your skills at the Carya Golf Club

In Belek, you can play golf by night at Carya Golf Club, the first lighted golf course in Europe. Inspired by classic English courses, the holes, putting greens and lawns of the Carya Club are meant to challenge the most experiences, but also work as a suitable training ground for golfers of all levels.

And not only on the grass! The Club’s Golf academy provides a high-tech top-level performance lab, where golfers’ skills and moves are analysed, and clubs can be customised.

Enjoy the scenery at the National Golf Club

Another amazing option is National Golf Club, where a spectacular natural environment embraces one of the finest courses in Turkey. Opened in 1994, and having been the first golf course in Turkey to host an international golf tournament, The National Golf club keeps its traditional feel upgraded to the latest technological findings to provide an amazing golfing experience.

After fitting your clubs, test your drives on this beautiful grass or take a lesson from the renown Academy, where also juniors will find their way to hit a golf ball with fun.

Lay back in one of Belek’s exclusive Resorts after a full day of golf

Nothing feels more rewarding than a relaxing Spa treatment, a fine dinner and a good night rest after a day on the course.

Belek offers highly comfortable and exclusive resorts to complete your golfing experience in style and luxury, enjoying health treatments, superb local and international dining options, and relaxing moments around a plunge pool.

Discover how Regnum Resort, one of the best hotels and resorts in Belek, Antalya, can make your golf holiday a truly unforgettable experience.

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Direkt rezervasyon avantajları

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Direkt rezervasyon yaptıran müşterilerimize özel oda tipleri (Junior Room ve Senior Room)

  • Ücretsiz çift yönlü VIP havalimanı transferi
  • Giriş tarihinden 7 gün öncesine kadar ücretsiz rezervasyon iptali*
  • Cazip fırsatlar ve indirimler yalnızca direk rezervasyon ile elde edilebilir
  • Özel istekleriniz için kişisel tavsiyeler ve esnek bir yaklaşım
  • Her zaman güncel doluluk durumu
  • Çeşitli ödeme seçenekleri (Kredi kartı, banka havalesi, posta havalesi, vs.)
  • Ön ödeme veya kredi kartı bilgilerine gerek olmadan, ödemenizi check-in sırasında resepsiyonda yapabilirsiniz*

*İadesi mümkün olmayan rezervasyonlar hariç.

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